As creator entity that calls themself as a laboratory, we believe that we conduct a creative activity that is based on research and experiment. Based on this idea, we understand that the activities we do are both challenging and fun. It is the spirit of the laboratory. We analyze the problem given and create the best solution to solve the problem.

The Philosophy

We put focus on the hypothetical framework, the grey area between Yes and No as our identity. We set boundaries for what we do in the space we can still control. From within that limit, we work in a problem-solving paradigm. Putting a face with the clearest form of binary opposition left us feeling that we had ample room to work with moderation. There are countless possibilities between Yes and No, between Black and White. There we tried to explore all the types of possibilities that could best be conveyed.

We don't work on take it or leave it scenario. We're the explorer of experiences and passions so we're not only challenging ourselves to produce the best stuff but also enjoying our creative process as an adventure. Because of the destination that we all know, why don't we try to make our journey as meaning within itself?

Let's Do Some Gigs!

There are many factors that can prevent us from articulating what is on our mind; can't be denied, we feel it too. "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." as Camus said. It is a challenge to be able to think about what actually exists and is untouched. Because from a comfortable point of view that we are currently living in, there is a way for us to get to know various modalities to articulate our desires.

We can slide by ourselves, whether it goes right or left. Or maybe we can slide together and have some fun. Nothing but it's okay to have problem with articulating the idea. But if freedom becomes what you want, you will be required to make a choice. After that, we can see, it turns out that we can move in any direction we want.
November 30, 2020


We're here to help you solve your problem. If you need us to help you, get your request noted and we'll provide the best solution for you.

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